This summer, I'll be spending a MONTH is Spain! First, we'll be going to Madrid, Spain and working in a town just outside the city. The following week, we will work in the city of Madrid. After, we're flying to Seville and working with a local youth group. I am SO EXCITED to see all the God will do in and through me this summer! Ill be posting updates about the fundraising process, training, and the actual trip here (:

April 29th 2015
Today I went to the post office and did all of the paperwork for my passport! I'm so excited.
I also had a conversation with one of my good friends during lunch today. We ate out in the courtyard (which I just discovered today... lol.) and enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine! There's a christian group that meets on Wednesdays, which we generally opt to not attend for reasons... eh, let's just say we enjoy a more organic discussion about God in our daily lives than your typical "Sunday school" setting.
Anyways we conversed about politics. Church politics, that is. How seemingly in churches there is such a struggle for power/having the right theology/seeming the most put together that our real reason for fellowship gets lost. Instead of worrying about who's right and who's wrong or who can and can't come to church (yes.. I recently heard someone say (fill in the blanks) should not be allowed in the church) shouldn't we all just come to an agreement that we are ALL lost without God? Not one sin is worse than another, and we should be focused on LOVING those who we may or may not disagree with. In order to bring others to Christ, we must make them see something in us that they, too, want. In a sense, we must make them jealous for Christ. Would you ever be jealous of someone who oppressed you and said you weren't welcome somewhere? I wouldn't. I know we all have our own views on these types of things, but one thing I DO know is that the bible calls us to love others. Love those who persecute us, love our fellow sinners, and most importantly, love them as our God love us.


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