Friday, April 24, 2015

About That...

Helloooo internet. Ive been wanting to do a blog for a really long time now... I just never knew what i would blog about! I felt like people would want to see something specific.. But then i realized, I just need to do this for me. I think this will be good for my mental health, haha! I dont really expect anyone to read this but if you happen to have found it... congrats (;

So, about me.
Recently I've moved to Silver Spring, MD. (That's just outside of DC) I seriously love living right by the city, which is one of the things that inspired this blog. I feel so much more creative! Moving from a very rural town, this has been a huge change but definitely one for the better. I never really felt like Chambersburg was where i would spend the rest of my life. I love my friends there and i really miss all of the things i was involved in (band, really :) but hey, God has bigger plans for me!

Im sitting here typing this after a 2 hour exam in school... just to put this into context :P

Anyways, I'm sure there will be all kinds of things on here. I take random adventures into the city all the time with my family, so I'm sure that will be on here. My style is very preppy (hence Sunday Prep) and I am a daughter of the Lord Jesus Christ! (hence Sunday Prep ;) You can find a link to my pinterest HERE whichhh is pretty amazing if i might add.. haha!

SO, yeah.. Ive just wanted a way to document my life that isnt all over social media or in a diary, haha! Like i said, this blog is really just for me but if youre here and you enjoy it, Im glad. (:

I hope your day is better than sitting in an exam room.