Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Relaxed Wednesday

I'm not much of a quote person... But yesterday while I was drinking a {killer} cup of hot tea (if I do say so myself) I looked down and realized my mug said

Make tea, not war

And I just love that. Not only because I found it ironic that I read it as these Baltimore riots were going on, but just life in general. It doesn't have to be military combat, but just applying that to your daily life. When difficulties or disagreements come up, make something delicious and calming out of it 😜 

On another note, I continually woke up thinking I overslept my alarm last night because the night before, I overslept. That was fun... Ha! 

Can I just say... I tried this today and it is SO. COMFY. Like more comfortable than half back because the ponytail isn't so tight or on my head. Plus it's great for no-heat! I have naturally wavy hair and it works well with this style. Check out Barefoot Blonde's tutorial!

Also, I changed up my blog! I am in LOVE with this design and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! haha. 

Thinking of starting a blogging schedule.. although i enjoy this free spirited stuff! (; We shall see!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

For the Second Time...

So I was stupid and wrote a really long blog post but didn't save it and, in the process of restarting my phone, lost the blog post. *cries*

Today I go get my picture for my passport taken! One step closer to Spain. It's good for 10 years after Wednesday so when I'm 26 I'll probably look back and think "what on earth was I thinking?" But I chose a plain shirt and curly hair so hopefully those things are relatively in style then :P 

*skims Pinterest for something interesting to share*

ahh I'm in the process of personalizing my desk and these definitely inspire me but I just don't know WHAT to do with these creative thoughts haha

I originally had a paragraph complaining about Tuesday's here but I'm trying to stay positive! Ha!

I need to go to Marshall's to pick up a cute notebook. Just FYI (;


Monday, April 27, 2015

Another Monday...?

Ahhhh it's hard to believe it's Monday AGAIN. This weekend went by wayyy too fast. My missions team had a car wash on Saturday, which I think was pretty successful, but left me without sleeping in :P I'm trying to stay optimistic by knowing there's only a few left before summer is over. With AP testing coming up its the final cram before exams. Trying to study, trying to eat right and exercise, trying to maintain somewhat of a social life, trying to get enough sleep... Hopefully tonight I can get in bed by 9. That's why I'm trying to get this blog out by noon! I kinda like blogging while in school. It lets me get my thoughts out throughout the day. When I get home, I just want to shut down and have time to myself. 

So anyways, my goal this week is to plan. I'm an avid planner anyways, but I find that by following a schedule when I get home from school, even if it varies day to day, I feel so much more put together. I usually plan out what I'm going to do while I'm at school, so that when I get home I have something to work with. I get so much more done too. Because it's almost exam time, I need to make sure I do this so that I can maximize the amount of studying I can get it while still functioning in life, haha. 

Also, I need to start tackling this project of learning Arabic! I'll be in IB Arabic next year so I NEED to learn it before I enter the class! I'm hoping to find a good program I can use to learn on my own. I wish Duolingo had Arabic. 

Finally, I'm sending out the prayer and support letters this week! I'm so thankful for my mom who is addressing them for me. She such a blessing in so many ways!

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week. 

"May your Monday's be short and your coffee be strong"


This weeks hair inspiration:

This weeks outfit inspiration: 

Friday, April 24, 2015

About That...

Helloooo internet. Ive been wanting to do a blog for a really long time now... I just never knew what i would blog about! I felt like people would want to see something specific.. But then i realized, I just need to do this for me. I think this will be good for my mental health, haha! I dont really expect anyone to read this but if you happen to have found it... congrats (;

So, about me.
Recently I've moved to Silver Spring, MD. (That's just outside of DC) I seriously love living right by the city, which is one of the things that inspired this blog. I feel so much more creative! Moving from a very rural town, this has been a huge change but definitely one for the better. I never really felt like Chambersburg was where i would spend the rest of my life. I love my friends there and i really miss all of the things i was involved in (band, really :) but hey, God has bigger plans for me!

Im sitting here typing this after a 2 hour exam in school... just to put this into context :P

Anyways, I'm sure there will be all kinds of things on here. I take random adventures into the city all the time with my family, so I'm sure that will be on here. My style is very preppy (hence Sunday Prep) and I am a daughter of the Lord Jesus Christ! (hence Sunday Prep ;) You can find a link to my pinterest HERE whichhh is pretty amazing if i might add.. haha!

SO, yeah.. Ive just wanted a way to document my life that isnt all over social media or in a diary, haha! Like i said, this blog is really just for me but if youre here and you enjoy it, Im glad. (:

I hope your day is better than sitting in an exam room.